Exploring Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC (Alpha-glycerophosphocholine) as the name implies, is a water-soluble choline compound isolated from soy. Intensive research on this compound supports findings on its role in enhancing cognitive function, stimulating the release of growth hormone and increasing strength. Cholinergic neurotransmission found both within the peripheral and central nervous system is a key component in memory formation that occurs in our brain.

Generally, supplements containing Alpha GPC can give users enhanced mental performance in areas of memory formation, recall, retention, mood, focus, and reasoning. Taking Alpha GPC-based supplements is considered an excellent way of supporting cognitive health and preventing early signs of aging such as memory loss.

Benefits of Alpha GPC

1. Memory Improvement: One of the most desirable and sought after benefits of Alpha GPC is its effect on memory. There are numerous researches that support its role in enhancing memory formation and retention of what you see, read and hear. The compound boost’s both short term and long term memories in regular users.

Some Alpha GPC users have reported being able to remember events and facts that happened so long ago. Others have been able to recall details of conversations that happened back in their childhoods. The supplement has the ability to increase blood flow to your brain, which results to better oxygen and nutrient supply to the brain cells. Improved brain oxygenation leads to more sugar being metabolized for energy. All this attributes work together to improve attention span, concentration, focus and overall brain healthy in regular Alpha-GPC users.

2. Improved Mood: Alpha-GPC is reported to have an influence on the stimulation and release of GABA –a neurotransmitter known to promote calmness. The overall benefit is better moods, reasoning, and social behavior.

3. Physical Performance: Alpha-GPC has numerous benefits to body power output and composition during exercise. The supplement enhances physical endurance and lessens fatigue which enables athletes and bodybuilders to exercise for longer hours with lesser effort. Combining power with focus provides a perfect experience for competitive sports athletes.

4. Alzheimer’s Disease: Research in progress has so far revealed that 1200 mg of alpha-GPC per day can significantly improve the thinking and creative skills in Alzheimer’s patients within a period of 3 months.

5. Dementia: A dose of 1000 mg alpha-GPC-based supplements a day has been shown to improve the symptoms of vascular dementia including thinking skills, behavior, and mood.

6. Fat Oxidation: Enhancing oxidation rates is vital in the production of growth hormones in adults.


Possible Side Effects Of Alpha GPC

Research has revealed a few side effects that might occur when Alpha GPC is taken at the recommended dose. There is really nothing life threatening when correctly used, and most of the few noted side effects are mild. Some of the things to look out for if you feel you might be experiencing a side effect or allergic reaction include headaches, heartburn, fatigue, skin rash, nervousness and insomnia.

Most of the side effects have been reported generally when users exceed the recommended dosage amounts. Should you experience any of the above, you are advised to reduce the Alpha GPC dosage. Do this for a short period to find out if the side effects subside, or disappear completely. If this does not bring any improvement, it might be a good idea to stop taking the supplement.

Other more serious side effects that have been experienced include confusion and dizziness; if this happens, discontinue the supplement and consult your physician immediately. Not a lot is known about the effects of this supplement to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. So it’s good to stay on the safe side and avoid this supplement entirely if you fall in this group.

Alpha GPC Dosage

Not a lot has been done yet on the dosage recommendations of Alpha-GPC. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other health organizations do not have dosage guidelines on it either, yet, there are thousands of people using Alpha GPC. What seems to guide the users is a collective rule of thumb that has risen among this community. The general appropriate range recommended by previous users is between 400-1200 mg per day.

According to most product labels, a standard dosage seems to be 300 – 600 mg per day. This is a common recommendation when using this supplement to enhance power output during workout. For use in patients with cognitive decline, most studies have used a dosage of 1,200 mg per day, taken in three portions of 400 mg.

Generally, the appropriate dosage will depend on several factors such as the user’s health, age, and several other conditions. Always follow the label direct on dosage and use instruction to avoid running into possible side effects. Where you are uncertain of the dosage, start with a lower range and see how things go.


Alpha GPC is a well-tolerated, safe and highly effective source of Choline. It has undergone numerous studies over the last 4 decades and it’s now recognized the worldwide for its ability to enhance memory, boost mood and improve physical performance.

In addition to being an effective nootropic, Alpha GPC stimulates HGH production, which improves strength, encourages the development of lean muscles and increases endurance during workout. Anybody interested in improving their memory, vitality and physical strength with nootropic supplements should definitely try out this supplement.

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