Is There Really a Limitless Pill?

If you are a fan of fantasy and fictional movies, higher chances you`ve come across the movie, limitless, starring Bradley Cooper.  Cooper’s character, Eddie Morra, plays a down-on-his-luck alcoholic writer who lives in a rundown apartment and has a life void of success.  That is until he comes across  ” the limitless pill ” NZT-48.

In the movie, NZT-48 turns Eddie into  a genius literally overnight.  Money, woman, success…nothing is out of reach for Eddie when he is on the drug.  The movie begs the question…is there a real life limitless pill?  Not exactly.

While there is a class of cognitive enhancers or “smart drugs” , known as Nootropics, that can heighten the mental capacity of the brain and the cognitive abilities of the users, they are not yet advanced enough to be as useful as portrayed in the movie.  The drug that resembles this magical pill mostly is a drug called modafinil.  When used properly, this drug can certainly give someone an edge, but they will not become superhuman like in the movie.

Brief Overview of Nootropics

Plants that are able to improve and alter moods have been used by people since ancient times. However, the word nootropic was used for the first time to describe a drug in 1972, when psychologist Corneliu E. Giurgea used the word nootropic to refer to piracetam (a drug that he was testing at the time for its memory-enhancing effects) as such.The word nootropic It comes from the Greek words “nous” which means mind and “trepein which means bend.

Since that time, scientists all around the world have been relentless in their research on nootropics. Just like any other scientific tests that involve new substances, the initial scientific studies were conducted on animals. With the advancement of technology and the passage of time, the limitless pill has since become safer and more sophisticated, particularly the ones that are currently being sold to consumers. Other factors that have contributed to the rise of nootropics include the innate interest of people and their in the popular media.

Nootropics can be very effective but will not currently  turn  you into a Spock like character with otherworldly Vulcan thought processes. Many regular nootropics users depend on them for the way they are able to efficiently clear brain fog and boost attention, enabling them to concentrate more effectively and have more energy.  They are drugs that are able to improve a person’s intelligence, as they’re able to stimulate multiple parts of your cognitive abilities, namely: reasoning, mood, memory, focus, and even creativity.

How Does a Limitless Pill Work?

Nootropics have beneficial effects on the neurotransmitters and neurons within the human brain.  Most nootropics target a neurotransmitter that is known as acetylcholine (ACH). Acetylcholine is critical for concentration and memory. Most nootropics directly cause an increase in the levels of acetylcholine in the brain, while other types of nootropics make it easier for the human brain to use acetylcholine.

They also act on other neurotransmitters, and this result in the numerous benefits experienced by most users.  As mentioned earlier, the most stimulating nootropic on the marker is Modafinil, it`s a schedule IV prescription drug in the U.S. but is often purchased online. Modafinil belongs to a group of nootropics known as “wakefulness enhancers” that affect dopamine without influencing norepinephrine.

Common Ingredients found in Nootropics…

Choline – this is used to address health problems such as depression and memory loss, and treating people who are suffering from psychological ailments.

Ginkgo Biloba – this is a supplement that improves the circulation of blood in the brain and has been used by the Chinese since ancient times.

GABA -this is an inhibitory neurotransmitter which prevents over-excitement to maintain concentration.

Omega-3 fatty acids – prevents common heart diseases and promotes healthy circulation.

Huperzine-A – this is an ingredient that has shown a lot of potential in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

Phosphatidylserine –this is a common brain supplement ingredient that improves the overall function of the brain.

Common Myths Surrounding Nootropics…

• It works instantly – Although some people can vouch that after taking the pill they felt effects almost instantly, this isn’t always the case for everyone. This is due to the fact that the time it takes for the nootropic to take effect highly depends on our unique genetics and body chemistry.

• It is the same as NZT-48. – Nootropics do not work the same way as NZT-48 in the Limitless movie. However, you’re guaranteed to benefit from the positive effects that nootropics have on our mental capabilities.

• You`ll require less sleep and food when taking a nootropics – This one of the most dangerous misconceptions about a limitless pill.  Regardless of the drug uses, you still have to take care of your mental and physical health if you expect optimal performance.

Common Side Effects Of Nootropics…

• Headaches are one of the most common side effects that users have reported when taking nootropics. Fatigue and insomnia have also been reported, but this is mainly caused by improper scheduling of the intakes. Make sure to avoid taking nootropics near your bedtime hours to prevent these side effects.

• Gastrointestinal discomforts. Medical experts suggest that you should reduce your dose if experience this side effect.

• High blood pressure and rashes.

Bottom Line

Are you going to be able to find the limitless pill like Eddie Morra?  Probably not anytime real soon, but there are still some very promising smart drugs on the market that are capable of enhancing your performance.

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