5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Modafinil Online

Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting supplement, originally designed to treat disorders such as shift work sleep disorder, narcolepsy, and excessive daytime sleepiness commonly associated with obstructive sleep apnea. It’s also commonly used off-label for enhancing cognitive performance, promoting mood stabilization and improving memory.  Before you can buy modafinil online, there are some things you need to understand to avoid unpleasant experiences and possible frustrations commonly associated with buying supplements online.

There are a number of vendors that sell modafinil online under different brand names such as Modalert, Modvigil, Waklert and Provigil. You need to understand, however, that modafinil is a prescription drug, so depending on your country’s regulations; it might not be possible to acquire modafinil locally without a doctor’s prescription.  Hence the reason why so many people purchase their Modafinil online.

Consider This Before Buying Modafinil Online

1. Packaging and Dosage

Modafinil is typically sold in 100mg and 200mg tablets. The largest manufacturers of modafinil are Sun pharmaceuticals (Modalert) and HAB Pharmaceuticals (Modvigil) –both based in India. Most users generally prefer Sun pharmaceuticals’ Modafinil because Sun is more established compared to HAB Pharma, but there is really no substantive analysis of their difference in quality.

The general recommended dosage range for modafinil is between 100mg and 400mg per day, which can be taken as a single dose or split dose. If you are a new user, you should consider starting at a lower dosage and build up gradually as you familiarize yourself with how the drug affects you.

2. Legality

As earlier mentioned, modafinil is a prescription drug; this means that it might be a bit difficult to legally acquire it in some countries. There are only a few number of countries in which you can legally purchase modafinil without prescription. In the USA, Modafinil is prescribed for narcolepsy, shift work disorder and sometimes ADD, ADHD, and depression.
Modafinil is a Schedule IV compound as classified in the Controlled Substances Act; which means it has a lower potential for abuse and addiction. However, it’s technically illegal to buy modafinil without a prescription in the USA. But we are yet to hear of anyone having been prosecuted for illegal possession of modafinil. There are however a few cases where customs officials have seized parcels containing modafinil, but still, these are exceedingly rare.

3. Finding a Modafinil Online Vendor

Finding a reliable supplements vendor is a tricky affair, but by the end of this article, you should have all the information and confidence to click on the “Buy Now” button. In the meantime, you need to look for a vendor who has a track record of offering quality modafinil pills and successfully shipping them to customers. Check out for reviews about the vendor in nootropics online communities and forums, as well as users’ feedback on the vendor’s website to help you make your decision.

4. Shipping

Find out if the vendor offers free shipping, although most often this cost will reflect in the drugs’ price. This means that most vendors that offer free shipping tend to charge more to cover the difference. But still, free shipping is psychologically appealing compared to paying $15 just for shipping.

5. Vendor Policies

I know you are not particularly fond of reading policies, but when it comes to ordering modafinil online, a little effort is required. Quickly scan through the policies of your potential vendor and look out for;
• Reliable shipping, tracking and confirmation info
• A generous refund policy if your order is detained by customs or lost
• Responsive and helpful customer service
• SSL secured checkout page, privacy policy and terms of service

Final Thoughts

Buying Modafinil online should not be that much of a hassle. For starters, once you have identified a reliable vendor, you might want to start with a small amount as you familiarize yourself with the process. Modafinilcat has been one of the most reliable vendors in the past, unfortunately, they are no longer in business. So we recommended that you try out afinil express as they seem to be the most reputable vendor at the time.

You can buy Modafinil here.

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