Noopept Capsules

Noopept is a type of nootropic supplement designed to help users enhance various areas of their brain such as memory, cognition, focus and mental clarity.  In order to receive optimum results from your Noopept, you need to consider various factors such as whether to use Noopept capsules or powder, dosage intervals, stacking techniques, and so on.

Noopept works in the same format as its close associate –Piracetam, but it’s much stronger and more effective. Other numerous benefits associated with the use of Noopept include improved creativity, decreased irritability, increased learning speed, and mood stabilization.  Read on to learn how you can properly take your Noopept and enhance your own brain.

Noopept Dosage Explained

Dosage is the number one determinant of how effective your Noopept usage will be. As with most supplements, Noopept does not have rigid dosage recommendations, however, it is very effective at extremely low dosage levels. The standard recommended dosage range is between 10mg to 30mg per day. Going beyond 30mg per day has been shown to elicit some unpleasant reactions –users are therefore advised to start with a lower dosage and gradually work their way up to optimum levels.

A very useful Noopept tip which you might not find on the label lies in how you take your daily dosage. Noopept is known for its high bioavailability and ease of metabolization. This means that the supplement is quickly and easily absorbed into the bloodstream and goes to work almost instantly. Additionally, Noopept has a shorter half life compared to other nootropics. The end result is that the effects of the drug will often begin to wear off within 3 -4 hours after taking Noopept.

As a result of the above properties, researchers and nootropics enthusiasts recommend that you take your daily doses in 2-3 equal splits spread evenly throughout the day. This way, you can experience consistent beneficial effects throughout the day while preventing potential overdose-related side effects. There have also been suggestions of taking high doses of Noopept 1-2 times a week to experience the intense effects of this supplement; however, this should only be left to experienced users.

Noopept Capsules vs Powder

When it comes to choosing between Noopept capsules and powder, personal preference and convenience play a major role. Essentially, the difference between the two formulations is very small; however, it just might be all you need to move from good to awesome experience with Noopept.

Noopept capsules come with the ease of handling and consumption that most users new to Noopept prefer. They commonly come in 10mg, 20mg and 30mg measurements which all fall in the daily recommended range. Many new and occasional users find this convenient because they don’t need to go through the daily hassle of measuring the tiny amounts. However, if you are still experimenting with dosage rates, Noopept capsule might not offer the dosage flexibility that you require. Additionally, Noopept capsules are a bit expensive compared to powder formulation.

Noopept powder is the most common formulation with regular users of Noopept, and those who wish to occasionally switch from one dosage rate to another. Additionally, buying Noopept powder in bulk is economical since the supplier does not invest as much time and resources in packaging as in the case of capsules. However, unlike with Noopept capsules, you will have to contend with the daily hassles of having to weigh the right doses every time you need to take the Noopept.

 Stacking Noopept With Other Nootropics

Stacking, in reference to supplements, is basically the practice of taking two or more supplements with the aim of intensifying specific effects or gaining additional benefits. By using Noopept together with other nootropics, you can actually experience improvement and benefits beyond what you would see if you use the different supplements independently.

Some of the other nootropics commonly stacked with Noopept include Alpha GPC, Piracetam, Citicoline, and Pramiracetam. It’s important to point out that dosage recommendations mentioned here are applicable when using Noopept on its own. This means that you will probably need lower rates when stacking with other nootropics. But first, make sure you do sufficient research and consultation before stacking Noopept with other nootropics and brain enhancers.

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