Understanding Noopept Dosage Guide

The effectiveness of Noopept, just like with any other supplement, depends heavily on proper usage. The efficiency and time it takes to achieve the desired results can be greatly impacted by a slight dosage miscalculation. Other obvious unpleasant outcomes of improper Noopept dosage include the occurrence of side effects and lack of cognitive enhancements.


In case you missed our detailed Noopept review, Noopept is an effective nootropic supplement designed to enhance cognitive performance and improve the overall health of your brain. Some of the major benefits associated with Noopept include improving focus, mental clarity, problem-solving skills, reasoning, and neuron growth, among others.

Although Noopept’s mode of action is relatively similar to Piracetam, it is reported to be 1000x more potent. This is majorly due to its high level of bioavailability and ease of metabolization, as a result, Noopept users need to be much more careful about their dosage. Basically, your Noopept dosage practice can mean the difference between optimal results and a potentially bad side effect. So read on to find out the best way of getting the most out of this supplement.

Noopept Dosage Guide

The correct Noopept dosage is typically about 10 to 30 mg. However, how much you should take, and how often within this period will depend on a number of factors. For instance, your weight: if you weigh less than 60kgs, stick to the lower limit of 10mg per day. You can, however, take up to 20mg if you weigh between 60-90kgs and only hit 30mg per day of you weigh over 90kgs.

If you have never taken Noopept before, regardless of your weight, you should start with smaller doses of 10mg per day first, and work your way up as you feel comfortable. Some users have reported feeling powerful effects even at the rate of 10mg while others need larger doses to experience significant results.

As earlier mentioned, Noopept has a high level of bioavailability, it’s easily metabolized and has a shorter half-life in the human body.  As a result, many researchers recommend taking your daily doses in three splits as opposed to one large single dose. This will ensure that you experience the maximum effects of Noopept for longer throughout the day.  Noopept capsules can be taken to ensure equal doses.

In general, Noopept is non-toxic and is very safe for use due to its extremely low doses that users need to achieve optimum results. At the recommended correct Noopept dosage, you will not experience any negative effects. However, if you go beyond 40 mg then you might notice some side effects kicking in.

Noopept Overdose

Some users have been misguided to think that higher doses of Noopept will yield more results. That, of course, is not true because Noopept is a very powerful supplement. Unpleasant reactions often kick in when users go past the 40mg per day maximum recommended rates. Common side effects of overdose include drowsiness, irritation of the whole body, emotional numbness, and sedation.

If you accidently take a higher Noopept dosage, quickly find a quiet, cool place and drink lots of water. If symptoms persist or worsen, contact your doctor immediately; the longer you wait, the worse it might become.


Even though Noopept is non-toxic and completely safe to use, always stick to the recommended dosage rates in order to experience the full power of this supplement and while staying safe at the same time. Also, the above dosage recommendations are for people using Noopept on its own, however, if you wish to combine this with other brain enhancers, then you might want to check with your doctor first.

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