Are Noopept Side Effects A Concern?

Noopept promises a wide range of both short and long-term improvements in diverse areas of cognitive function such as memory, focus, learning capacity and attention span. Additionally, it has shown a great potential for treatment of cognitive degenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and other mental illnesses.  However, as with any supplement, users always have questions and concerns, especially about the side effects; it’s no different with Noopept. Many users are interested in understanding potential Noopept side effects and how they can prevent them.  Hopefully this article can shed some light on the subject.

Noopept is considered safe 

The drug has extremely low human toxicity and causes very minimal to no side effects when used under the label instructions. It’s well tolerated in adults and there have been no major incidences of bad reactions arising from its proper usage.

Some of the Noopept side effects you can expect from usage under normal recommendations include a mild headache, dizziness, and irritability. However, these will often subside within a short time, or can be easily reversed by adjusting the dosage or supplementing with a choline source.

As with most drugs, the best you can do to prevent bad reactions and incidences of poisoning is to provide clear dosage and use instructions; however, there are some cases that fall beyond the manufacturer’s control. For instance, there are some users who have attempted taking excess dosages of Noopept either out of curiosity or ignorance. When such decisions are made, bad things can happen.

While Noopept is safe and non-toxic, taking high doses than recommended can cause some significant side effects which can turn nasty in severe cases. The standard recommended dose for Noopept is 10-30mg per day taken in 2 to 3 split doses within the day. Noopept can also cause moderate to severe reactions in users who are particularly allergic to nootropics. Below are some of the side effects you can expect in event of overdose or allergic cases.

Common Noopept Side Effects

1. Headaches: Mild to moderate headaches is a common side effect associated with Noopept. Severe headaches have been reported in cases of overdose and highly sensitive users. Overdose may lead to vasoconstriction, a mechanism responsible for headaches. Users can avoid Noopept induced headaches by reducing the Noopept dosage and ensuring that their choline intake is calibrated relative to their Noopept dosage.

2. Irritability: this is another common side effect associated with Noopept. This supplement can prompt a stress response that can make you irritable with every little thing. This is thought to arise from modification of neurochemical and physiologic arousal processes in the region of the brain responsible for emotional regulation.

3. Anxiety: one of the benefits of Noopept is to elicit anti-anxiety effect to its users; however, some users may experience the exact opposite. This is often caused by the excess neurophysiologic relaxation that may sometimes interfere with the cognitive functions. This causes frustration in the users with the thought that their cognitive performance is compromised. If adjusting dosage doesn’t keep the anxiety in check, consider discontinuing Noopept.

4. Muscle Aches: some users have reported muscle aches and pains while on Noopept. This is caused by increased acetylcholine levels in the brain and nervous system. Excess acetylcholine can trigger unwanted muscle contraction/tension which may, in turn, lead to the aches and pains. This can be easily reversed by reducing the Noopept dosage to about 10mg per day.

Other rare but potential Noopept side effects include appetite changes, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, mood swings, restlessness and muscle weakness.

Final Thoughts

Again, most undesired effects are extremely rare and can only be of concern in cases of Noopept overdose or if you are particularly very sensitive to nootropics. Otherwise, following label instructions should give you the amazing benefits of Noopept with completely nothing to worry about.  If you experience any Noopept side effects than it is likely that you are not using the proper dosage  or perhaps you could benefit from the use of a choline supplement.  Always contact your doctor immediately if any of the named side effects persist or seem to worsen after adjusting or discontinuing Noopept.

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