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Absorb Health (absorbyourhealth.com) is a midsized company dealing in health products such as nootropics, weight loss supplements, essential oils and cosmetic skincare products. Headquartered in Manchester, England, Absorb Health was begun in 2011 by Katrina and Josh Fulton.

A story is told of how Josh Fulton embarked on an exhaustive research of natural methods on how to treat his wife who was ailing back in 2011. During his research, he realized that he could not find any high quality, reliable health products that were readily available on the market. He saw an opportunity of sourcing, packaging and bringing these kinds of health products to the market to reach more people.

The passion to offer high-quality health products is what motivated the two to grow Absorb Health to what it is today. The company claims to offer an excellent customer service and money-back guarantee in order to achieve high customer satisfaction.

Quality Control

Many Absorb Health reviews attest that they are reliable and consistent. There are some negative reviews on reddit, however, revealing cases of poor quality, neglect, or bad products sent to users.  It is hard to say how accurate these accounts are so potential customers should have all of the facts before buying from this company.

Absorb Health does third party quality control testing of their products, and the Certificates of Analysis for noopept, aniracetam, alpha GPC, uridine, and NAC can be viewed directly on the product pages of their website.

Shipping and Handling

The company has a fair shipping and tracking system in place. It promises to process and dispatch your order within one business day after ordering. However, they currently only ship via USPS First class, which explains why you have to spend at least $75 to qualify for free shipping.

Like many other nootropic vendors, they do not have control on how fast you get your shipment, but they generally note that US residents receive their packages in 2-3 days while the international users can expect their shipment within 2 weeks. There have been cases where international orders have taken much longer than promised, which has been attributed to delays at customs.

Guarantee and Return Policy

Absorb Health have a lifetime money back guarantee on their products for US domestic residents, meaning that if you are not satisfied with your order in any way, you can return it to them at any time for a full refund. Well, this is a bold move, considering most companies offer money back guarantee for a limited period of time.  This detail makes the company feel much more legitimate in the eyes of many and helps to overshadow some of the negative feedback they have received as mentioned above. However, they don’t refund the shipping cost. Additionally, if the item is marked as “Delivered” by USPS agents and you can’t find it, they don’t offer a refund.

International clients should however not expect a refund if they are not satisfied with the product. The company says this is because many of times the shipping cost is higher that the value of the product. The company only offers a money back to international clients of the order does not make it past the US customs. However, if the shipment makes it through the US customs but gets seized by foreign customs or the delivery service in the receiving country loses it, you do not get a refund.

Billing and Payment

The company accepts payment through Visa, Mastercard and eCheck. You are billed only once at the point of purchase with no other recurrent costs unless explicitly stated.

Customer Service

Being a relatively new and small family company, customer support means a lot to them as it the primary tool for acquiring and maintaining new clients on board. They also seem to understand that Customer support and communication plays a big role in attaining and maintaining credibility and authenticity in this delicate industry. For this reasons, Absorb Health makes all the effort to respond all the queries via phone or email within a few minutes.

Featured Products

Absorb Health offers a wide range of nootropics with a fair amount of consistency in quality. Below are some of the most popular Cognitive enhancement supplements as featured on their website.

• Nootropic All-Star Pack: $99.99

• Adrafinil: $32.99–$119.99

• Memory Booster Pack: $69.99

• Noopept: $19.99–$124.99

• Aniracetam: $27.99

• Phosphatidylserine: $24.99

• Alpha GPC: $20.99

• Sulbutiamine: $22.99

• Pramiracetam: $22.99–$77.99

• Galantamine: $31.99


Overall, it seems that Absorb Health is a reliable and reputable Nootropics supplier that has increasingly received positive reviews and approvals from the online nootropics community albeit some negative feedback as well. They appear to observe a high level of in-house quality standards in addition to following FDA’s production guidelines and seeking for third party quality testing and certification. To demonstrate their effort in maintaining high quality, they posted certificates of analysis of their products on their website and offer a full money-back guarantee that they stand behind. As of now we can confirm that Absorb Health is credible and reliable.  For more information, visit their website…absorbyourhealth.com

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