Alpha GPC Benefits

Alpha GPC benefits many people as a choline-containing supplement with an amazing ability to boost brain function as well as enhance cognitive performance. It has received a lot of attention in the past few years with positive feedback and impressive reviews popping on the internet every now and then.

Alpha GPC is also known promote better communication between the neurons in your brain and repair damaged brain cells. The end result if an improved learning speed, focus, concentration and increased mental clarity. Let’s take a look at an expanded view of some of the Alpha GPC benefits.

Common Alpha GPC Benefits Include…

1. Attentions and focus

Alpha GPC can directly boost your focus and attention as well as reduce your reaction time even under stressful environments. Users have reported increased alertness and being fully aware of every little event happening around them after just a few doses.

2. Improved memory and learning

One of the most critical brain chemicals called acetylcholine is derived from choline, and alpha GPC provides this in very generous proportions. Acetylcholine is utilized in formation of both long-term and short-term memories. This in turn boosts the brain’s ability to recall events and conversations you never thought you can recall. An increased level of acetylcholine is also directly responsible for many other cognitive functions such as increased learning capacity and mental clarity.

3. Better mood

Alpha GPC users have reported feeling at ease and calm with the ability to control their moods after several doses of this supplement. Researchers have found that alpha GPC increases the level of dopamine in the prefrontal cortex and cerebellum in the brain. Since this is the main neurotransmitter responsible for mood, increased levels have shown significant positive impact in mood stabilization and calmness in stressful situations.

4. Increased Human Growth Hormone

Apart from memory and mood enhancement, research has shown that Alpha GPC can stimulate production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH). The HGH is responsible for production, growth and repair of your body cells. For this reason, bodybuilders and athletes have incorporated this supplement in their workout regimen to help in post-training recovery, as well as strength and lean muscle development.

5. Neuroprotection

Alpha GPC users can also benefit from its well-documented neuroprotective properties. The supplement helps to maintain the health of your neurons and enhance neuronal communication within your brain. Research has also revealed that Alpha GPC promotes new cell formation while preventing cells from damage. This makes your brain feel younger, healthier and robust.

Alpha GPC dosage

Alpha GPC benefits can only be realized when taken within the recommended dosage range. As with many other nootropics supplements, Alpha GPC’s dosage is not cast on stone, however, there are some basic rules to observe. Standard recommended dosage range is 300-600mg per day taken in 2-3 equal splits for starters. You can increase this range over time to gain more benefits. However, be careful not to go beyond 1200mg per day as this may elicit some bad reactions. If you are planning to stack Alpha GPC with other supplements, the dosage will be probably lower –be sure to consult your doctor first.

Bottom line

Alpha GPC is a safe and highly effective source of choline with countless positive reviews both in the online and offline nootropics communities. It’s recognized worldwide as a powerful memory and cognition enhancer with additional benefits of improving focus, attention, learning speed and overall mental clarity. If you are looking for a choline-based supplement that can enhance your intelligence as well as boost your athletic power, then Alpha GPC might just be your perfect choice.

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