A Guide to Alpha GPC Dosage

By now chances are you’ve already heard about Alpha GPC and its profound benefits. In case you missed our Alpha GPC review, here are some quick highlights of basics before we proceed to Alpha GPC dosage guidelines.

About Alpha GPC

Alpha GPC is a choline-containing compound used to enhance memory and cognitive functioning. It plays a major role in supporting and improving brain function with great benefits such as enhanced alertness, focus, concentration and mental clarity.

Many users have reported better mood, increased energy levels, improved attention span and an increase in learning speed. Ongoing studies have so far shown impressive results in patients suffering from insomnia, acute depression and deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

There is a famous connotation that a supplement is as good as its dosage and use instructions. With reference to that, all the above impressive Alpha GPC results can only be achieved by following the correct dosage instructions and use recommendations. Correct dosage will also ensure that you stay safe from potential side effects that may arise from overdose or misuse.

Alpha GPC Dosage Guidelines

Researchers and Alpha GPC enthusiasts recommend a dosage range of 300-600mg per day. This is a relatively low range meant for new users and those who might be sensitive to this class of nootropics. However, some experienced users have reported intensive effects with doses of up to 1200mg per day.

Your optimum dosage will depend on factors such as your overall state of health, your body’s biochemistry and level of tolerance. Generally, new users are advised to start with a lower dosage and build on it until they finally determine their optimum dosage from personal experience.

Alpha GPC, like many other nootropics, has a shorter half-life, high bioavailability and is easily metabolized. This means that its beneficial effects last relatively shorter (4-6 hours) from the time you first start feeling them. So, to maximize the effects of this supplement, take two or three split doses spread evenly throughout the day, rather than one large single dose. For instance, if your optimum daily dosage is 600mg, you can split it into three doses of 200mg each, and then take 200mg in the morning, 200mg at mid-day and 200mg in the evening. As a precaution, do not go beyond the 1200mg maximum daily recommended dosage.

Alpha GPC powder vs. pills

You might be wondering what the best formulation is since Alpha GPC comes in powder and capsules/pills. Generally, each option has its own ups and down, but your choice will mostly depend on your personal preference and lifestyle.

Capsules and pills offer convenience and ease of use and might be easy to purchases for users who are not familiar with purchasing bulk brain enhancement powders. However, capsules or pills need more time to become effective since the body needs to first dissolve the pill/capsule coating for the supplement to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Powders, on the other hand, are absorbed into the bloodstream faster. Additionally, ordering bulk powder is relatively cheap compared to pills or capsules. So, regular users who are on a tight budget can order Alpha GPC powder in bulk and save some money while at it. However, by choosing powder formulation, you would have foregone the convenience that comes with pills/capsules.

Take Aways

The Alpha GPC dosage is not very volatile and is very forgiving. It’s extremely low toxicity with no noticeable side effects under recommended doses makes it easy to work with. It affords you the flexibility of experimenting with different dosage levels until you find your optimum level. Additionally, given the numerous benefits to the brain and body at large, you can never miss a gem with any Alpha GPC dosage level within the recommended range.

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