Alpha GPC Side Effects

Alpha GPC is a well-known nootropics supplement for its ability to deliver choline to the brain. It offers a wide range of benefits such as improved cognitive abilities and enhanced memories. Alpha GPC has also been widely studied for its effects on conditions such as insomnia, acute depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  Alpha GPC side effects can occur but are not common…lets explore this subject more thoroughly.

As with many other nootropics, Alpha GPC is very safe with no toxicity to the human body. Under recommended dosage rates and frequency, Alpha GPC does not elicit any concerning side effects. A few of the Alpha GPC side effects that have been reported under recommended dosage are pretty mild and do not cause any significant problems. Some of these side effects include mild cases of headaches, dizziness, nausea, and heartburn.

Severe cases of Alpha GPC side effects have only been reported where the users have exceeded the recommended dosage rates and frequencies. Additionally, users who are very sensitive to nootropics can also experience moderate side effects on the higher end of the recommended dosage rates. Below are some of the side effects you can expect if you are sensitive to Alpha GPC or if you use more than the recommended rates.

1. Headache: Some new users have reported mild headaches within the first few days of using Alpha GPC. In the event of overdose, users can expect moderate to severe headaches accompanied by dizziness. This can, however, be easily reversed by lowering the dosage or temporarily stopping the use of this supplement.

2. Heartburn: A study assessing the effect of Alpha GPC on stroke also recorded the presence of adverse side effects. Only 2% of the patients reported sided effects, however, a majority if these complaints were heartburn related. Users in various online reports and feedbacks have also reported frequent heartburn within the first few days of using this supplement.

3. Insomnia: Even though Alpha GPC is designed to improve conditions such as insomnia and memory lapses, using excess dosage has been shown to elicit the exact opposite. Users sensitive to stimulants such as Alpha GPC may experience occasional insomnia, which is thought to be caused by acetylcholine’s effect on the nervous system.

4. Skin rash: some clinical reviews on alpha-GPC studies revealed that about 2% of alpha-GPC users experience mild skin rash. It’s still not clear how these allergic reactions come about; however, they are often pretty minor and can easily go unnoticed.

Again, the above mentioned side effects are quite rare and often occur in highly sensitive individuals or during significantly high dosage. Most of these adverse effects can be easily reversed by reducing the dosage levels to the minimum. However, if that doesn’t work and the side effects still persist, discontinue this supplement and inform your doctor.

Alpha-GPC Dosage Recommendations

Since incorrect dosage is the biggest culprit when it comes to severe alpha-GPC side effects, I thought should leave a note on dosage guidelines. To get the best out of alpha-GPC supplement and avoid any potential side effects, researchers and alpha-GPC enthusiasts recommend a dosage range of 300-1200mg. New users are however advised to start with lower doses to avoid possible unpleasant reactions.

Bottom line

As earlier mentioned, unless you have any nootropics-related allergy, alpha-GPC is a very safe supplement. All you need is to play around with a few dosage levels to find your optimum dosage, and then shelf all your worries to enjoy the benefits.  This supplement increases the benefits that optimum choline levels can offer.

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