Understanding an Aniracetam Dosage

Most people want to boost their memory with racetam analogs, but do not know the ones to start with and the reason behind it. There are various reasons to use smart drugs, but knowing the right dosage to take can save a person’s life. Aniracetam is a fat soluble cognitive enhancing drug that belongs to the racetam family (a family of nootropic drug supplements).  Understanding the Aniracetam dosage is crucial in using it effectively.

The drug was developed in Belgium back in 1970s and is considered to be more powerful compared to its predecessor, Piracetam. It is believed that aniracetam improves holistic thinking, creativity, memory & concentration, and potentially reducing depression and anxiety. The drug has been proven to be tremendously safe, with low incidences of adverse side effects. However, any side effects that might occur are due to the poor dosage.

Aniracetam Dosage Recommendations

The optimal aniracetam dosage is considered to range between 750 and 1500 mg a day, depending on an individual. Many people have asked for the right aniracetam dosage in teaspoons. In case you were to use a 750 mg dose, you’d need a quarter teaspoon measure to measure the dosage precisely. Since these measures are imperfect, it’s best to use the milligram scale in order to confirm the dosage.

Lower dosages won’t give noticeable benefit, whereas higher dosages do have high incidences of side effects without even producing a greater benefit. Aniracetam supplement is a fast-acting drug, with a short half-life. Because of the fast action of the smart drug, it can be taken every three hours. For the new users, who have not tried other nootropic supplements before, they should begin with a low dose to experiment and find out the right dose as well as the frequency that give best results.

Taking Aniracetam with other Nootropic Supplements

Aniracetam stacks well with other racetams. Most people prefer combining it with piracetam and oxiracetam. However, if you combine the 3 racetams in 1 stack, it will bring good results. One can also stack noopept with aniracetam since the two have similar anxiolytic effects. Some users might try and stack aniracetam with racetams such as phenylpiracetam or just pure piracetam which is less familiar to users.

The smart drug also goes well with the Acetylcholine compounds. Alpha GPC and Citicoline are ideal sources to stack with, but some individuals opt for cheaper substances like choline bitartrate. Ideally, the cholinergic effect of aniracetam might also promote positive energy amid acetylcholine compounds.


Aniracetam is proven to be 100 percent safe to use. Besides, it has limited drug interactions and warnings. In general, it’s known to be a non-toxic and safe supplement when used according to the recommended dosage. Research has also shown that there’s low toxicity in a person’s blood; therefore, it won’t cause any danger to the liver and kidneys.

The aniracetam is a tolerated compound that is safe to use. Some individuals suggest that the supplement can become addictive to some users. Besides, this is based on evidence that the drug has the power to boost memory, but this theory is just non-psychoactive and produces little tolerance as well as addiction possibilities.  Adjusting the Aniracetam dosage will provide different experiences.

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