All About Choline Bitartrate Benefits

The many choline bitartrate benefits make supplementing with this compound beneficial for almost anyone looking to effectively enhance cognitive performance.  Since choline bitartrate is a supplement that helps increase acetylcholine levels, it possesses many of the benefits of other cholinergic drugs.

This compound in particular is a mixture of choline and special chemical salts, that increase the absorption rate of the choline, making it more effective than other forms. It is often used in conjunction with other nootropics to maximize their mental enhancement properties.

Why Choline is Important

Choline, a water-soluble vitamin, falls under the same category as B-complex vitamins and is most often found in the body’s phospholipids, colloquially known as fat molecules. This compound, along with its metabolites, plays a vital role in cell membrane signaling and in the structural integrity of those membranes.  It’s also critical in cholinergic synaptic transmission due to being a precursor to acetylcholine. Synaptic transmission refers to the communication process between two neurons via the neurotransmitters.

Choline is considered an essential nutrient because, while humans can produce it, we do so in such small amounts that we must supplement with other sources. Normally, we can get all the choline we need through the food we eat. For example, liver, eggs, cod, chicken, milk and cauliflower are just some of the foods that contain choline. However, adding a choline supplement into your diet is a great way to ensure you really are getting all the choline you need to stay healthy.

Important Choline Bitartrate Benefits

Despite the fact that choline deficiency should be a relatively rare occurrence, the human diet has taken a nosedive in terms of quality, which has led to a situation in which almost 90% of the population being at risk of not getting enough choline. The problem is that a deficiency of this chemical has been associated with a wide range of issues, including: difficulty focusing, memory issues, brain fog and lack of energy.

Some experts believe that choline deficiency could also have a role in the onset of liver disease, certain neurological issues and atherosclerosis.  So, clearly, maintaining an adequate level of choline in your system is essential to avoid all these issues.

Furthermore, studies have found that women who either have a diet that is rich in choline or supplement with choline are less at risk of developing breast cancer. Likewise, a higher choline intake before and during pregnancy lowers the risk of the development of defects in the child’s neural tubes.

The main advantage of choline bitartrate as a supplement is that it can ensure you are taking in adequate amounts of choline without having to worry about your diet. Even if you aren’t presenting signs of choline deficiency, it’s still wise to take a supplement like choline bitartrate.

While having more choline than necessary in your body won’t harm you, especially since your body will eliminate what it doesn’t need, deficiencies can cause a host of problems that are best avoided.  By partaking in the choline bitartrate benefits, you could potentially be saving yourself from other ailments.

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