Citicoline Reviews

Citicoline, a popular nootropic,  is designed to improve cognitive performance and brain health. It has been shown to help improve a number of mental processes, including those centered on memory, focus, logical reasoning and learning. When taken with other supplements, this compound has been shown to increase their effectiveness. Though research shows it is effective, it is natural to wonder whether this supplement isn’t too good to be true, which is why we’ll be looking at citicoline reviews from various users to determine this compound’s efficacy in the “real world.”

Citicoline Reviews: The Good

One reviewer stated that her adult son’s neurologist recommended citicoline as he experienced a traumatic brain injury and it seems to have resulted in significant improvement in his mental abilities as well as helping alleviate his short-term memory damage, in conjunction with therapy. After seeing the amazing results with her son, this reviewer decided to add this supplement to her mother’s regimen, who is 85 years old and was developing serious memory problems. It seems that the lady experienced major improvements as well.

Another reviewer explained that the supplement had been recommended by their doctor to help with illness-related cognitive impairment. Though the reviewer didn’t notice any major differences, they aren’t exactly sure whether or not the compound is working since they are taking a number of other medications as well so the improvements aren’t clear.

Yet another reviewer explained that they switched to citicoline from ginkgo biloba and though it is not a controlled study, making it difficult to make accurate assessments, they did find that they experienced an improvement in their short-term memory as well as their awareness.

A number of reviews have cited benefits such as improvement of memory, mental acuity, and focus. It also seems to have a moderate effect in countering brain fog but isn’t quite as effective as other supplements at increasing energy levels. After a positive experience, one reviewer even purchased it for their sister who suffers from multiple sclerosis and the lady has been experiencing clearer cognition.

It should be noted that many reviewers noticed effects became somewhat more pronounced after having taken citicoline for a while, in some cases as long as six months. This indicates that the supplement might not necessarily offer the surge of other stimulant-type compounds but that it does have significant benefits over the long term.

Citicoline Reviews: The Bad

However, not all reviews were positive. Some users said they didn’t experience any changes whatsoever, though these assertions weren’t all that frequent. And management of expectations should be taken into consideration. If the users expected to suddenly feel laser-focused and suddenly develop a photographic memory, then it might be more of a case of learning to manage expectations than anything else.

In one case, a reviewer who suffers from post-herpetic neuralgia caused by the shingles found that the pain in their nerves intensified and the frequency of the pain occurring increased. They stopped taking the supplement and the pain disappeared. Since they aren’t taking any form of PHN medication, there is no drug interaction occurring. However, while on the supplement, they had positive experiences from a cognitive perspective but the pain was too much to deal with. This reviewer’s wife continues to supplement with citicoline.


It’s quite clear that in most cases, citicoline is a great supplement that can help improve cognitive function and certainly has a great effect on memory. For this reason, it’s often used to treat degenerative mental conditions. However, it appears not to be effective for everyone, at least it doesn’t meet their expectations of sudden and instant results.

Of Course, unforeseen variables such as proper dosage, predetermined conditions and overall health of the patient should always be factored in when evaluating personal reviews.  The only way to truly know if this drug is right for you is to try it out for yourself.  Hopefully these citicoline reviews were helpful to you.

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