Does NZT 48 Really Exist?

First, lets recap on where NZT 48 comes from.  As you may or may not know, there is movie named “Limitless” starring Bradley Cooper as Eddie Morra–a struggling novel writer, who is unable to write, pay his rent, clean his apartment or flourish in any way. Eddie was out of every possible luck… he was broke, drunk and miserable and recently dumped by his girlfriend.

THen one day Eddie runs into an old friend who used to be a drug dealer and a low life, but now he is a successful pharmaceutical rep. The two sit down for a cup of coffee, and writer unleashes his frustrations to his friend. His old friend tells him about this new limitless pill called NZT 48 that has changed his life. He mentions that this pill can enable anyone to access 100% of their brain capacity and offers Eddie one out of pity.  After a little hesitation, Eddie takes the pill and the fun soon begins.

The frustrated Eddie is suddenly able to remember everything he has ever learned. He finishes his novel in an afternoon, he makes a million dollars in the stock market in record time, he can seduce any woman he wants….he is basically the smartest man alive.  It’s quite an interesting movie…and most people who watch it leave with the desire of wanting to take their own magic drug.

Where Can I Find NZT 48?

The sad news is NZT 48 does not exist in real life; it’s as fictional as the movie gets. However, since the movie come out, some vendors has cropped up claiming to sell the real NZT 48, some of them with even professional looking websites. The fact is they are fakes only trying to ride on the popularity of the movie, Limitless.

Having said that; you must be wondering if we have any drugs and supplements that resemble NZT 48 in real life? The good news is, yes they exist –they are scientifically referred to as nootropics. But no, they won’t enable you to finish a novel in an afternoon, neither will they make you smart instantly if you’re stupid. What they actually do is enhance your memory, focus, attention, motivation, mental clarity and your cognitive abilities.  The most powerful drug available that resembles NZT the most is a nootropic called Modafinil.

How Do Nootropics Really Work?

There is no single answer to describe how nootropics work. This is because there are different types of nootropics, as well as modes of action. However, they generally seem to change the supply and behavior of various neurotransmitters, hormones, and enzymes in the brain. Improved oxygen supply, blood flow, and plasticity also play a major role in how the well the synapses connect and communicate.

The overall outcome of taking nootropic supplements is improved mental energy and clarity, increased wakefulness and focus, enhanced mood and motivation. Some of the most common and effective nootropics in the market include Modafinil, Phenibut, Sulbutiamine, Tianeptine, and Alpha GPC.

Nootropics Benefits

Here are some of the general benefits you can expect from taking nootropic supplements.

• Enhance long and short term memory

• Mood stabilization

• Boosts cognitive performance, focus, and alertness

• Improved metabolism thus increase body energy

• Keep you more focused

• Get rid of mental fog

• Reduces fatigue and improves calmness.

• Reduce anxiety and stress

• Effects are felt immediately after taking the pill

• Boost your confidence and speed of thought


While NZT 48 is not real, the movie Limitless has shed some light on the nootropic movement, and more people are now starting to accept and embrace their usage. The best thing I like about nootropics is that they are extremely safe, do not cause any significant side effects within their recommended dosage range, and most of them kick into action just a few minutes after taking.

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