Why Mixing Phenibut and Alcohol Is Not A Good Idea

Phenibut is a popular mood-enhancing nootropic that interacts with GABA receptors in the brain to produce anxiolytic effects.

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Phenibut is an anti-anxiety supplement and mood enhancer known for its ability to boost morale, promote calmness and reduce feelings of stress. It has also been known to possess nootropic properties such as improving cognitive functions and protecting the brain from harmful stresses.

Many people liken the effects of phenibut to that of alcohol.  This is understandable since both substances have interactions with similar receptors within the brain.  Like alcohol, phenibut use can bring about negative reactions and should be used carefully.  For a more thorough evaluation of phenibut, please read our extensive guide.  

How To Use Phenibut Safely

In order to get the most out of your phenibut experience, it is important to understand what constitutes proper usage.  Since this compound is unregulated in most countries, some people assume that it is not very dangerous -- this would be an inaccurate assumption.

Phenibut is not risk-free and is very dose sensitive, meaning that taking too much can cause negative side effects.  To fully understand the importance of proper dosing, we recommend reading our detailed article dedicated to just that.

  • Food For Thought...

Never put something in your body without knowing what it will do to you.  Just because something is legal doesn't mean it's safe.

Beyond taking the correct amount, it is also important not to mix phenibut with any other drugs, especially any that are GABAergic such as alcohol or benzodiazepines.  These interactions are specifically dangerous because they potentiate each other.

We will now take a closer look at how alcohol reacts with phenibut.  To hear about a first-hand experience, please watch the video below...

The Dangers Of Mixing Alcohol With Phenibut

Alcohol and phenibut are both Central Nervous System depressants, directly targeting GABA receptors in the brain (GABAergics).  It is this unique interaction that is able to produce the anxiolytic effects that many are so fond of.

Given these similarities, some users have experimented with combining them for added effects or increased intoxication. While it is true that the two compounds potentiate each other, it can be exceptionally dangerous to mix them.

Mixing the two can cause over-stimulation of the GABA receptors which may lead to temporary impairments of physical and mental abilities, excessive fatigue, acute depression and even episodes of unconsciousness.

Some users who have experimented with combining alcohol with phenibut have reported that 1 drink feels like 3, three drinks feel like 8 and so on.  As you can imagine, this can be a dangerous combination indeed and is exactly why the two substances should never be taken congruently. 

phenibut potentiates alcohol

1 beer can often feel like 3 when on phenibut

Can Phenibut Really Help Cure Hangovers?

Hangovers leave you feeling low, depressed and anxious, and these are the qualities that phenibut is proven to combat.  It appears that phenibut could help cure hangovers because it mainly works to reduce anxiety and stress, and promote feelings of calmness and overall well being.

Therefore, it may have the ability to reduce the aching joints, headaches, and depression associated with alcohol hangover by targeting the GABA-b receptors.  So in essence, phenibut can be used to eliminate symptoms of alcohol hangover and withdrawal when used appropriately.

However, there is something about this combination that you need to understand…if phenibut is taken while too much alcohol is in the system then it may have the opposite effect and make you feel very sick.  While phenibut may be used to lessen the symptoms of alcohol hangover in some, these two drugs should never be mixed or taken in close succession.

Using Phenibut As An Alternative To Alcohol

We've established that phenibut should not be used in succession with alcohol, but it may be a healthier alternative for some.  When used properly, phenibut can actually provide a much 'cleaner' experience as it can produce the lack of inhibitions that is associated with alcohol without the loss of motor-control that often accompanies.

One demographic that notably supports using phenibut instead of alcohol are those that are serious about weight lifting or physical fitness.  Perhaps you've heard someone say they don't like to drink because it messes with their 'gains'.  This is because alcohol interferes with protein synthesis. Phenibut does not have this problem.

Check out this video review where one user describes his experiences with phenibut in relation to experiences he's has had with alcohol...

Final Thoughts

The main message you need to take away from this article is that phenibut and alcohol do not mix.  This is no real surprise since alcohol can't be safely mixed with most mind-altering substances, but it is especially important in this case since both of these compounds are GABAergics.

dont mix phenibut and alcohol

Alcohol does not mix well with phenibut

So to recap -- do not take phenibut prior to a night out hoping to get drunk faster or to combat an alcohol hangover the next day.  You could find yourself feeling very sick.  Instead, use this nootropic responsibly and follow safety guidelines.  You may even consider using phenibut in substitution of alcohol exclusively.

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