Understanding The Phenibut High

Phenibut is a popular mood-enhancing nootropic that interacts with GABA receptors in the brain to produce anxiolytic effects.

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What you will learn on this page​

  • Description of the 'phenibut high'
  • Quick review of the phenibut compound
  • First-hand accounts
  • General safe-usage guidelines


The phenibut high is described as a euphoric feeling that is most often attributed to using very high doses of the drug, or from mixing phenibut with other substances.

This type of recreational use can lead to intense, albeit short-lived, effects similar to the use of alcohol--ranging from dizziness and euphoria to more extreme cases of blackouts or complete unconsciousness. 

Quick Introduction to Phenibut

If you haven't read our ultimate guide on phenibut and need a quick refresher on the subject, then please read this short overview.

Phenibut is a nootropic supplement commonly used to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress, fatigue and insomnia.  It may also enhance cognitive functions by improving memory, focus and learning, although these characteristics are usually less prominent.

Phenibut is a natural derivative of GABA and is able to pass through the blood-brain-barrier.  When ingested, phenibut regulates activity in the central nervous system and stimulates dopamine receptors in the brain. This is why it is able to produce such profound changes in our mood.

Phenibut is a tricky substance though…if it is taken too often, tolerance can build quickly. If usage becomes habitual then the user can experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to quit. 

Experience Report

A report from Erowid describing the phenibut high:

After mixing 3g into a drink, I quickly drank the bitter solution…I began to notice effects about an hour later. I felt a feeling of stimulation first (increased heart rate).  I soon began to feel as if I were drunk. The only difference was the ability to comprehend things. I did not feel a loss of cognition.  

After another hour, I felt very very intoxicated. This feeling increased until about 3 hours where it leveled off. I was highly off base of sobriety by now and I would say my cognitive skills had decreased. Because of this, I decided to eat 1g more of powder. It tasted very badly, but more easily ingested than the drink mixture as I could chase it and dissipate the taste readily.

Throughout the night I felt very intoxicated and even began to develop a slurred speech. Upon receiving a ride home, I promptly went to bed. I was typing this report on my computer when I passed out completely and awoke about 5 hours later, much like blacking out on alcohol. I then went back to sleep and awoke 8 hours later still feeling slightly intoxicated.

I do remember having a deep sleep with very vivid dreams. I still feel intoxicated way past waking up, and in conclusion believe I ingested way too much phenibut. Please use caution with this substance and do not exceed 3g on your first use. Believe me, this is enough.

Mega-dosing Phenibut

As you can see from the experience above, taking too much phenibut can make for a bad night.  Controlling the dosage is an important aspect of safe consumption and should be taken seriously.  Mega-dosing phenibut to get high is not a safe practice.

The recommended dosage for phenibut is approximatley 200mg - 1000mg taken in any 24 hour period.  Using more than this amount can be risky since the phenibut high can set in as early as 2 grams.​

Mixing Phenibut With Other Substances

Phenibut is often described as giving similar sensations and feelings as alcohol. This is due in part to the similar way in which they react on the central nervous system.  Phenibut, like alcohol, is a CNS depressant.​

In fact, some users have tried substituting and supplementing alcohol with Phenibut, arguing that Phenibut doesn't cause as severe of hangovers or disorientation. This notion is subjective but, it is never a good idea to mix alcohol and phenibut.  

high on phenibut

Don't be like this guy

Some users may claim to have mastered the delicate art of combining small doses of Phenibut and alcohol to enjoy the resulting high, but this is a dangerous practice and should be avoided, or else you could end up looking like our friend up above.  

  • Food For Thought...

Phenibut is a useful and legal alternative to pharmaceutical anxiety medications.  Treating it like a recreational drug puts the substance at risk.

Is The Phenibut High Worth It?

Using Phenibut for recreational purposes can be dangerous and may end up causing side effects that outweigh the overall benefits you might ever get.  Additionally, using extremely high Phenibut doses can lead to tolerance build up and some very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you decide to get off the drug.

Bottom line...the phenibut high is not worth it.  Play it safe by using the recommended amount and do not mix it with any other substances.  Keep these things in mind, and you will be able to enjoy the benefits and avoid any unwanted side effects.

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