Piracetam Reviews Reveal the Truth

Piracetam has been around for decades and is often touted as the greatest nootropic around.  Now, it certainly is not the strongest or most advanced smart drug but it is often coined as the original.  Many people started their nootropic journey with this drug and continue to use it til this day.  It is often a staple in popular nootropic stacks and has undoubtedly had influence in the development of numerous advanced nootropics that have been synthesized since its introduction years ago.  It is perhaps one of the most well researched and documented nootropics that there is, yet it is always nice to hear about its effects from the mouths of those that have used it.  In this article we will look over some common Piracetam reviews in hopes of furthering our understanding of what this drug has done and will continue to do for people’s lives.

According to Piracetam reviews from people who have used or are using this supplement, it appears to have similar effects on most people but with varying levels of intensity. Some people experience a significant increase in focus and concentration, with “HD vision” and heightened senses, while others find the effects to be more subtle, yet no less valuable.
Some of the positive effects people have experienced include:

• Improved memory, both in terms of recall and information storage
• Better senses
• Elimination of mental fog
• Better social interaction
• Improved awareness
• Increased focus and concentration
• Clearer thought processes
• Significant improvement in cognitive processing speed
• Better reaction times

Interestingly, many users report they start feeling the effects of Piracetam within 15 minutes to an hour of taking the supplement, while others claim it can take up to two weeks of constant administration to observe any noticeable results. It should be noted that since this is anecdotal evidence that doesn’t always include all the variables necessary to make an accurate comparison, it could be a matter of differences in those variables affecting the results.

For example, the piracetam dosage could be significantly different, which could be the main reason for the wildly differing results.
In terms of drawbacks, the one problem most people reported was that they experienced headaches, ranging from mild to severe. However, it seems that by stacking Piracetam with a choline like Alpha GPC, these headaches disappeared, either immediately or gradually.

Piracetam Reviews From Users

One Piracetam user had previously taken this supplement with good results, but then decided to switch to Adderall. Unfortunately, the side effects weren’t pleasant and included constant dehydration and nervous feelings. This particular user reverted to Piracetam due to the inexistent side effects. It was also explained that despite the fact of tolerance buildup to the supplement, this user resolved the problem by cycling on-periods with relatively short off-periods. The same user claims this supplement helped with depression symptoms and is an ideal alternative to Adderall.

Another user reported that this supplement was helpful for their memory, clarity in thinking and cognitive processing speed. The initial dose was relatively small at 0.5 g and the reviewer kept increasing the dosage until they settled on between 4.5 g and 5 g per day, taken in a single administration. It appears that the effects were most noticeable when administration of the supplement stopped, resulting in the significant sluggishness of their cognitive processes and reduced reaction speeds, at which point the positive effects of Piracetam were made more than apparent.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the Piracetam reviews you can find online detailing the experiences real people have had with this supplement. Clearly, it’s benefits are significant, making Piracetam a valuable nootropic to anyone looking to improve cognitive performance with almost no side effects.

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