A Comprehensive Pramiracetam Review

One of the most powerful nootropics in the racetam family, Pramiracetam tends to be highly sought after by those in the know and analyzed suspiciously by those who aren’t. We could go on and on about how great this supplement is, discussing how its supposed to work and what it does at nauseum, but the most effective way of showing you the benefits of this supplement is through a Pramiracetam review based on the opinions and experiences of the people who are already taking it regularly. Of course, since this is an objective look at this supplement, we’ll also be looking at the negatives.

Understanding Pramiracetam’s Legal Status

First, it’s important to quickly discuss Pramiracetam’s legal status because the FDA’s refusal to classify this compound as a dietary supplement or a drug might give some people pause. Like most nootropic compounds, Pramiracetam falls into a legal gray area but you don’t need to worry because it’s completely legal to purchase, possess and use this supplement, as it doesn’t fall under the controlled substance category.

The legal gray area it resides in is simply caused by semantics and outdated FDA policies and definitions. According to said definitions, a compound can only be classified as a dietary supplement if it’s natural, which doesn’t fly for Pramiracetam as it’s entirely synthesized in a lab. Under the FDA’s policies, that means it’s pharmacologically active and should be classed as a drug. But the FDA’s definitions once again put their foot in it by stating that a compound can only be classified as a drug if it’s used to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent a disease, which Pramiracetam does not do.

So, Pramiracetam is not dangerous and it’s not illegal. It’s a synthetic compound designed to enhance cognitive performance, which is something the FDA can’t seem to wrap its mind around.

The Effects of Pramiracetam According to Users

As stated, in this Pramiracetam review, we’ll be looking at the effects people have actually experienced while taking this supplement. You will notice quite a bit of variance in those effects, but you have to remember that since this is anecdotal evidence, conditions could differ just as significantly, especially in terms of dosage.

Someone, for example, might take a 50 mg dosage and give up right away, stating they didn’t feel any positive effects, while someone else might take 1.5 g and say they felt the effects in as little as a few hours. The problem is that in both cases, dosages won’t actually be mentioned.

Generally speaking, most users have experienced extremely positive effects while taking Pramiracetam. Increased concentration and focus were the most frequently cited benefits, though there were also mentions of improved information recall and better energy levels.

Other positive effects included:

* Capacity to analyze information faster

* Improved coordination

* More energy

* Reduced mental fog and fatigue

There haven’t really been reports of negative effects other than the headaches often associated with racetams, though these are easily alleviated by introducing a choline compound, such as Alpha GPC.

It should be noted that Pramiracetam isn’t the easiest compound to source and is most often available in powder form, which is why there are so many complaints regarding its taste, which is extremely bitter. Some choose to get capping machines to make their own capsules while others stir it into juice or milk. The resulting mixture tastes “revolting”, according to users, but the effects are well worth it.

A Pramiracetam Review Directly from Users

One user is extremely pleased with the effectiveness of the product, taking it in combination with Alpha GPC. This middle-aged user explains that their focus and concentration were starting to suffer, which caused them to lose their love of reading because of their difficulty focusing. Since it wasn’t a matter of depression, something had to be done and after a little research, this person decided to give Pramiracetam a try. The effects didn’t take long to appear, with their focus and concentration improving immeasurably.

The same user experienced other positive effects on their health, including the ability to lower the amount of medication taken for COPD, anxiety and arthritis. These are not proven effects of this supplement, as the user acknowledges, but it is their personal experience.

Generally speaking, this user feels as if their overall health and wellbeing have greatly improved.
Another user turned to Pramiracetam while waiting for their regular nootropic to arrive and they are extremely pleased that they did. This user is an entrepreneur building a business and thanks to Pramiracetam has the ability to work from sunup to sundown without any loss of focus or concentration. They explain their brain “feels on point all the time” and that they can “go all day”.

Final Thoughts

As this Pramiracetam review shows, this supplement isn’t just effective on paper in terms of its mechanisms. Most users have had great experiences, with the most frequently cited benefits being an improvement in focus, concentration and energy levels, with the only downside being headaches that can be alleviated with a choline compound.

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